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The Carrot Principle
How the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent and accelerate performance
Plenary Session
Chester Elton, USA
International Speaker

Best selling author of The 24 Carrot Manager, professional speaker and global rewards & recognition leader Chester Elton has been featured in media around the world including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He has been called the “apostle of appreciation” by Canada's Globe and Mail and CNN's Larry King described his co-authored The 24-Carrot Manager “a must-read for modern-day managers”. Elton is vice president of performance recognition with the OC Tanner Recognition Company in the US the world's leading employee recognition firm. He has been a featured speaker in front of delighted business and human resources audiences all over the world and regularly serves as a recognition consultant to several Fortune 500 firms.

The HR Summit is delighted to welcome Elton and his Singapore exclusive presentation on The Carrot Principle. In this dynamic, humorous and powerful presentation he shows you how to create powerful, bonding recognition experiences and presents case-studies of effective recognition from some of the world's finest companies. Based on the largest study ever conducted on employee engagement of over 200,000 employees Elton will show beyond doubt that recognition is a “must have” for organisations that want to be employers of choice and considered best in class. Packed with examples showing you how to choose the right reward for your employees, how to time the giving of a reward to motivate performance, how to effectively present rewards, when to praise in public and when to make it a private celebration, and how to motivate employees to work harder and smarter with the company's goals in mind.

Balancing You and Your Employees' Life and Work
Plenary Session
Andrew Matthews
International Speaker
Best selling author Andrew Matthews is an international speaker on ‘attitude', ‘being happy', ‘success' and ‘prosperity'. In the field of motivation and personal development, his books, ‘Being Happy!' and ‘Follow Your Heart are classics. Over 1 million people have attended Matthews' seminars and keynote speeches across Australia, Asia and North America. His presentations are laced with humour and he draws lightning-fast cartoons as he speaks! His talent is in making complex issues simple, and he relates to CEOs, middle management and high school students with equal ease. He entertains while providing audiences with the tools and inspiration to live more successful and more prosperous lives. Matthews' books are now published in 35 languages with sales of over 5 million copies in 60 countries. He has appeared on 3,000 radio and TV programmes on four continents. In this HR Summit exclusive you will see Matthews bring the messages of his multi-million selling books to life! Discover the keys to greater success and prosperity as he explains how happy people think, what successful people do and how you and your people can be like them!

Matthews will also cover:

  • Dealing with disasters
  • The importance of goals
  • Embracing change at work
  • Relationships in the workplace
  • Conquering worry
  • Enjoying your work
  • What matters in business
  • Making work fun for your team and your clients
  • Bringing out the best in people
  • The ‘Being Happy!' Philosophy

From Surviving to Thriving - Loyal Employees Lead to Loyal Customers
Greg Tamblyn, USA International Speaker

Greg Tamblyn, has been a successful singer, songwriter, speaker, and humorist for over 20 years. He combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor, and has a special interest in the relationship of music, laughter, and lifestyle to physical and emotional well-being. Greg's humorous musings on cultural absurdities, as well as his messages of effectiveness, optimism, and service, have garnered him a large international following. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, Tamblyn will share with you how organisations can develop loyal employees through demonstrating how:

  • People want a healthy work environment where individuals get their own needs met at the same time as serving the common good of the organisation.
  • Employee motivation does not come from money but from feeling they contribute something of value.
  • Customer loyalty comes from employee loyalty. Not just at work but out in the community. We want to feel great about where we work so that we'll talk about it in a way that makes other people want to work there.
  • The songs and stories used are in illustration of creating an environment where people can grow and express their giftedness.
  • With the right attitude it's almost always possible to find a way to enjoy what we have to do.
  • People who have fun at work do better than people who don't. It's not either/or. It's both/and.

Mdm Halimah Yacob
Deputy Secretary General, NTUC
Co-chairperson of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices
Hire on Merit, Be a Fair Employer - Interactive Session on Fair Employment Practices

Fair Employment Practices help employers to attract, develop and retain the best people for the job, while at the same time helping employees to realise their full potential and maximise their contribution. It goes beyond doing the right thing and is about what's best for the organisation and maximising organisational performance. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, you will learn about Fair Employment Practices and how to review your own selection processes. An interactive and participative session by the Tripartite Centre for Fair Employment, the interactive session explores fundamental recruitment issues and challenges faced by organisations. With the assistance of professional artistes role playing, this lively session will enlighten you through active learning processes followed by a panel discussion and further dialogue with the Co-chairperson of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP), Mdm Halimah Yacob, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), as well as HR experts.

Employer Branding Excellence
Brett Minchington, Australia
International Speaker
Brett Minchington, is the co-founding partner of the Employer Brand Institute. He is a renowned specialist in employer brand auditing, research, strategy and publishing and has most recently consulted to and shared best practice with firms in Australia, NZ, Singapore, Italy and the UK. In this HR Summit exclusive, Employer Branding Excellence, Minchington will demonstrate how having a strong employer brand is an essential weapon in the talent war. Highlighting how the realities of the employment experience are closely aligned with internal and external perceptions of the organisation as a ‘great place to work'. And how this can be the key differentiator in attracting, engaging and retaining talent in today's competitive environment. This session provides you an invaluable insight into authentic employer branding and takes a holistic view of the HR, marketing and communication systems and practices influencing an organisation's competitiveness in the market for talent. You will learn how to define the key operational and strategic drivers of your employer brand and how to focus on the drivers that matter most. Case-studies of global best practice will be shared along with an Employer Brand Excellence Framework that will assist you to guide your company's employer brand strategy.

One Foot Out the Door
How to combat the Psychological Recession that's alienating employees

Judith M. Bardwick, Ph.D.
Judith M. Bardwick has been called one the great management thinkers of our time. She is a highly regarded writer, speaker, and management consultant specializing in the psychology of the corporate environment. For more than two decades, she has combined cutting-edge psychological research with practical business applications to optimize organisational performance, change organisational views and values, and help managers achieve financial and personal success.

In her HR Summit exclusive presentation, One Foot Out the Door, she will ask “why are your employees sleepwalking through their jobs without any buy-in or passion?” And provide the answers as to what you can do about this dangerous epidemic?

In many countries the majority of employees are either actively looking for new jobs, or merely going through the motions at their current jobs. Fearful and feeling vulnerable after years of watching friends get laid off, they expect the worst to happen, and they see no reason to give it their all. This phenomenon, identified by Dr. Bardwick herself as “the psychological recession,” can have a devastating effect on your company's financial health.

Based on extensive research showing how costly bad management really is, Dr. Bardwick offers specific recommendations for combating alarming trends such as high turnover, low productivity, and lackluster performance. In her lecture based on her recent book of the same title--which was declared the #1 Human Resource/Organizational Development American book of 2007—she will offer concrete prescriptions including:

  • Strengthen the bonds of trust and respect between your managers and employees.
  • Customize working conditions and rewards for individual employees.
  • Hire for the “best fit” between your organization's core culture and the personal qualities and priorities of the individual.
Dr. Bardwick will offer hard numbers and current studies that prove the direct connection between a company's financial performance and its employee commitment. Her presentation will be a wake-up call for all attending - illuminating the very real issues which are currently affecting so many companies, whilst making clear what you can do to turn things around.

Recruiting Competence - Innovative Ways to Hire and Retain Talent
Robin Kessler, USA
International Speaker
Robin Kessler is president of The Interview Coach, a human resources and career consulting firm based in America. She is the author of numerous books including Competency-Based Interviews and the forthcoming Competency-Based Performance Reviews. She is widely regarded as a selection and retention expert, with over 20 years experience working in organisational communications, interviews and presentations as a human resources professional, consultant and career coach. Kessler's exclusive HR Summit presentation, Recruiting Competence - Innovative Ways to Hire and Retain Talent guarantees to offer a multitude of fresh ideas and useable new strategies for retention and attraction improvements for all organisations, industries and levels. In it, she will teach you how to target better candidates and interview more effectively, make better hiring decisions, and retain key employees with new competencies and action plans.

Align HR Strategy with Business Strategy
Derrick Barton, USA
Chief Talent Leader/CEO,
Centre for Talent Retention
Derrick Barton is among the world's leading experts in the practical implementation of talent practices. He truly has seen what it takes to engage and retain global talent and employees having worked directly with leaders and managers from virtually every part of the world including: India, Russia, Europe, and all across North America. Barton has a wealth of experience gained through leadership roles within manufacturing, telecommunications and the high-tech business segments. He spends about 150 days each year working directly with executives, managers, work groups, and HR professionals to take action and impact employee results. He specialises in a full range of talent/employee solutions to equip organisations, managers, HR professionals, and work groups to take action to make a real impact on organisational results by bringing together the best talent practices needed to attract, engage, build, leverage and retain employees.

In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, Align HR Strategy with Business Strategy, Barton will share how every organisation has a strategic direction and a set of operational results they are looking to accomplish. He will then ask how your HR strategy supports and is aligned to this business strategy. In this session, you will learn the 10 Step Talent Direction Process to align your HR strategy to your business strategy, define the talent management practices needed to deliver on your HR strategy, the HR measures needed to track progress and successes and the leadership actions needed to achieve the HR strategy. Additionally, each participant will receive a copy of the 10 Step Talent Direction Process.

Cultural Diversity - Multicultural Retention and Talent Management
Benjamin F Brooks, USA
International Speaker
Benjamin F Brooks is a retired major of the Pennsylvania State Police, management consultant, and founder of Major Ben's Consulting Agency specialising in providing assistance to companies to more effectively implement their cultural diversity programmes. He is also a contributing author of Human Resources Strategies That Work. In this HR Summit exclusive, presentation Major Ben will share proven strategies, learned over his 30 plus years as a police commander and HR professional, on how to most effectively retain and manage valuable human resources in a multicultural work environment. Using eye-opening and often humorous stories from his fascinating past Major Ben will teach how you and your organisation can connect with your people in a way that each and every employee, regardless of gender, race, age and designation - feels truly valued and appreciated by the company.

Retention Strategies at ABN AMRO - My Career, My Life, My Family, My Community 
Molly Yeo 
Executive Director and Head of Human Resource, Singapore, ABN AMRO
Molly Yeo is the Executive Director and Head of the Human Resource in ABN AMRO Bank, Singapore. She is responsible for the delivery of human resource support to more than 1,500 employees and providing strategic human resource advice and partnership to all the business units operating in Singapore.   She has more than 25 years of HR experience in the areas of talent and performance management, leadership development, organisation development, change management, rewards and ebenfits, HR processes and strategies, on-shoring, off shoring and outsourcing projects, HR compliance and due diligence. 

In this HR Summit exclusive presentation,  Yeo will share ABN AMRO's holistic approach on Retention Strategies - My Career, My Life, My Family, My Community. In a growing economy like Singapore where there is an all time low unemployment rate, growth of companies cannot be achieved just by simple recruitment processes. Faced with bigger challenges, there is a need to rethink HR models to include retention strategies that are multi-faceted and take into account an employee's wellbeing and productivity at the office. It's about career development, work-life balance and contribution to the community.

Get it Together People!
How HR Can Partner with Business and Why Business Should Partner HR
Cindy High-Fischmann, Canada
HR Director, Eastman Kodak Company, Enterprise Solutions

Cindy High-Fischmann is the HR director and VP, Greater Asia Region, Kodak, and is based in Shanghai. In this role, she provides leadership to over 100 HR staff and leads Kodak's human resources strategy, plans, policies and practices, across Asia-Pacific ensuring coordinated company “voice” and “actions”. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, Get it Together People! She will draw from her own corporate experiences, both in Asia and the rest of the world, to share her views on how HR can be actively involved as a strategic partner to the business and just why industry and organisations need to wake up and partner with HR. Additionally, she will share her frank and honest views about the strengths and weaknesses of HR along with the necessary improvements required to effectively work as a ‘C' level partner. She will highlight HR's case to industry , detailing how a lack of influence from HR at the highest reaches in an organisation today - will spell disaster in the future as the talent battle heats up still further.

The Hero's Journey: Legendary Leadership and Employee Engagement
Jeffrey Mangrum, USA
International Speaker
Jeff Mangrum specialises in ‘Corporate Theatre' - highly informative professional development programme, delivered in an innovative and entertaining format. The result is an exciting blend of information integrated with comedic and dramatic scenes designed to amplify the subject matter. Mangrum's unique format has brought him to the forefront of ‘Corporate Theatre' on the international stage and the HR Summit is delighted to welcome him to Singapore for the first time. In his action packed presentation, he will deliver The Hero's Journey: Legendary Leadership and Employee Engagement. This work is the result of three years of research and demonstrates the Hero's Journey, a model of how to support individuals for success.

Leadership in Asia
Professor Steven J. DeKrey, Hong Kong
Associate Dean, HKUST Business School
Professor Steven DeKrey is associate dean, director of MBA/EMBA/MSc programmes, and adjunct professor of Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School.
Prof DeKrey has committed his career to business education along with leadership development. As a well known expert and renowned speaker who recently co-edited the book Leadership Experiences in Asia, the HR Summit is delighted to welcome Prof DeKrey and his presentation Leadership Experiences in Asia. In this presentation Prof DeKrey will offer his expert views on leadership issues in Asia whilst sharing insights into the critical factors of effective leadership. Attendees will also benefit from additional information following Prof DeKrey's unveiling of recent Asian leadership research results.

Build Up Commitment Ericsson's Ways of Working in the Talent War
Berrid Li, China, Director
HR & Organisation, Ericsson Shanghai
Berrid Li first joined Ericsson China in 1995 as its HR specialist, specialising in the field of organisational development by focusing on capability development, succession planning and corporate culture development. He soon took over the HR manager's role and was again swiftly promoted to the role of director, HR & Organisation for Ericsson Shanghai in 2002. He has a vast experience and rich understanding of HR in China - having successfully led a number of HR projects for Ericsson China in the areas of C&B, capability development and culture development. In this exclusive inside case-study, Build Up Commitment - Ericsson's Ways of Working in the Talent War, Li will generously share how Ericsson retains, motivates and constantly strives to improve the performance of its people in China. Offering insider tips for the benefit of all attending who wish to attract, develop and retain employees - whilst further improving performance.

Eight Enemies of Engagement
Kevin Panozza, Australia
International Speaker and Employer of Choice
Kevin Panozza's lifetime of experience, and his strong personal convictions about stimulating work environments and empowering cultures have resulted in his company being voted the ‘Best Employer in Australia and New Zealand for three years in the Hewitt surveys - 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Additionally, in 2007 his company was recognised as one of the top half' dozen employers in all of Asia. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, Panozza will share the secrets to retaining key staff in a talent short market whilst explaining how he and HR have created a culture of high performance. Drawing upon his organisation's own experiences, he will also reveal the inexorable link between staff engagement and commercial performance and how you can make it happen for your organisations through improved staff engagement.

PLUS Special Interactive Panel Discussion

The Business Advantage That is HR - HR's Essential Role in the C-Suite
Panel List: Low Peck Kem, Director - People Matters Department, Ministry of Manpower/ Mary Yeo, Managing Director, UPS/ Ong Yew Huat, Country Managing Partner, Ernst & Young/ Kirstie Ellard, Managing Director & Head of HR - Singapore & South East Asia, Credit Suisse

As the war for talent intensifies, HR's role has never been more vital to the success and growth of almost every organisation - across all industries. Yet for many, there remains numerous in-house misconceptions and hurdles to overcome in order for HR to obtain a truly strategic role in the boardroom.  In this no holds barred panel discussion, top HR leaders and CEO's will share their insights and experiences on how you and your organisation can be sure to harness the business advantage that is strategic HR. Hosted by Ron Kaufman this interactive panel discussion is one of the many highlights of HR Summit's Leaders Forum.


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Best Practices to Engage and Retain Employees
Derrick Barton, USA
Chief Talent Leader/CEO, Center for Talent Retention
Derrick Barton is among the world's leading experts in the practical implementation of talent practices. He truly has seen what it takes to engage and retain global talent and employees having worked directly with leaders and managers from virtually every part of the world. He spends about 150 days each year working directly with executives, managers, work groups, and HR professionals to take action and impact employee results. Barton and the Centre for Talent Retention are at the forefront of connecting employee results to business performance and can show how an organisation's ability to engage, retain and build talent can impact market competitiveness. In this highly interactive and engaging HR Summit exclusive presentation, Practices to Engage and Retain Employees, you will build a solid understanding of what it takes to engage and retain employees. This presentation will equip you to take action to impact employee engagement and retention and improve business performance. You will learn how to: differentiate between employee satisfaction and employee engagement; calculate the Financial Impact of Employee Engagement; ‘Crack the Talent Code' to identify the factors that cause a person to engage, stay and want to perform; apply the components of a rich, robust one-to-one dialogue and how to develop a Team Member Talent Plan, Evaluate how managers impact employee engagement and retention and how to create a plan to ‘Take Action' back on the job. Additionally, each participant will receive a set of hands-on tools, including a deck of Retention Cards and the Financial Impact of Employee Engagement Calculator.

Increasing Efficiency in the Workplace:
The direct effect on employee productivity, retention and job satisfaction
Linda Chu
Professional Organiser, Out of Chaos
Linda Chu is an Organising Consultant based in Canada and serves on the National Board of Professional Organizers in Canada. She has worked with executives and teams in corporations to improve their workplace effectiveness through workspace and process management. An in-demand speaker in Work Health & Wellness programmes, she provides tangible strategies on how you and your employees can master your overwhelming piles by gaining control of your time, space, and information. Her expertise has been sought after by Municipalities and School Districts and firms such as General Motors, IKEA and Whirlpool Canada.

Integrating Ethics and Values in to Your Business
Nicky Tracey
Communications and Values Director - Asia Pacific, The Body Shop International
An expert in integrating corporate social responsibility in to business, Nicky Tracey has worked in both the advertising and retail sectors during her career. Responsible for managing the communications, ethics management as well as the social and environmental programmes of The Body Shop in Asia Pacific, Tracey first started her career with The Body Shop in Australia where she worked for four years before joining the Asia-Pacific business in 2003.

A strong believer in the importance of business behaving responsibly, Tracey is passionate about integrating and embedding ethical and transparent processes in to businesses globally.

Increasing Effectiveness in Work & Life through Emotional Intelligence
David Cory, Canada
International Speaker
David Cory is a Canada-based performance improvement consultant who specialises in emotional intelligence and employee development. He is a global specialist in workplace training and works extensively inside corporate clients on the design, implementation and delivery on change and team development programmes.

International clients include: AT&T (Canada), ABN AMRO Bank (Amsterdam), Allstate Insurance (Dallas), Phillips Medical Systems (Seattle) and Major International (China). In his HR Summit presentation, Increasing Effectiveness In Work & Life Through Emotional Intelligence, Cory will share how you and your employees can discover what Emotional Intelligence is, how it is critical to the way we cope with life and how increasing it can make us all more effective both inside and outside of the workplace.

The Changing Rules of Engagement in Managing your Best Talents
Stephen Tjoa, Singapore
Executive Director, HR, KPMG
Stephen Tjoa is an experienced adviser and practitioner of 18 years in human resources management and development.

His forte lies in the conceptualisation, development and delivery of organisational transformation solutions with specific emphasis on the recruitment, development, management and retention of talent. In this inside case-study, The Changing Rules of Engagement in Managing your Best Talents, Tjoa will draw on his knowledge and ‘real world' experiences from his partner level role in HR at KPMG. He will share with attendees how to benefit from KPMG's experiences in the effective implementation of talent management and employee engagement initiatives. Drawing on his years of experience in addition to knowledge gained from his position on the KPMG global HR steering group - which is constantly implementing ground breaking new people initiatives and employer of choice programmes to the firm's human capital across the globe.

Reward & Recognition Practices @ Microsoft
Byron Clayton
Director of Human Resources, Microsoft
Byron Clayton is the HR director for One HR Singapore which comprises Microsoft's three business entities in Singapore; Regional Headquarters, Asia-Pacific Operations Center and Country Sales. In this role, Clayton is responsible for leading a team of 18 HR professionals to deliver proactive HR support to all internal clients and empowering employees to achieve their full potential. He plays a critical role in creating and delivering strategic, inclusive HR initiatives that allow Microsoft to continue its momentum, increase the opportunities for staff to innovate and improve their competitive advantage.

Join Clayton for his HR Summit exclusive presentation, Reward & Recognition Practices @ Microsoft. In it, he will share strategies for some of Microsoft's Reward and Recognition methods for attracting and retaining key employees in an ever increasing competitive marketplace.

Beyond the Generation View - Age Diversity in the Workplace
Damien Woods
Manager, Business Advisory Services 
Ernst & Young

Louise Rolland is a renowned expert on age diversity and mature workers. She has more than 10 years experience leading national and international practices focused on the impact of demographic change on workforce sustainability. In 1997, she began actively researching and devising strategies to focus organisations and policy makers on the potential impact of population ageing on the sustainability of business. In 1999, she established Business, Work and Ageing to produce and promote information about the ageing of the workforce and its potential impact on organisations. She is now highly regarded internationally for her leadership in this field. In her Singapore exclusive presentation, Beyond the Generation View - Age Diversity in the Workplace, Roland will share her unique expertise on effective talent strategies for varying generations in the workplace. Discussing the work stage cycle every employee goes through and how organisations should initiate alternate models to frame behaviour change and talent drivers for all work life employee stages.

Seven Steps to Phenomenal Management Skills
Paul Figueroa, USA
International Speaker
Paul Figueroa of Peace Enforcement LLC is a United States-based workplace improvement consultant who specialises in communication skills, respect recognition, self esteem improvement and increasing productivity by understanding ourselves and others. He is an award winning speaker, trainer and facilitator, the founder of The Village Project (a non-profit organisation) and Peace Enforcement LLC. He has been featured on the US television and radio and is interviewing hundreds of CEOs and organisation leaders for his new book, Workplace Enhancement - A CEO Perspective.

He will share not only his insights, but the insights he's gleaned while writing his new book. A former police officer, He brings over 20 years of expertise in violence prevention, communication skill development, personal and mutual respect recognition and has helped numerous people understand and deal with anger and conflict and improve self esteem. In his HR Summit presentation, Seven Steps to Phenomenal Management Skills, Figueroa will share secrets for HR and other business leaders that go beyond mere technical skills. He'll help you to learn to use the power of communication to engage, motivate and inspire your people. Topics include: highly effective performance management through positive communication; difficult conversations made easy and worthwhile; diffusing emotionally charged situations with grace; building mutual respect in the workplace; creating an enjoyable, safe and productive work environment; team building through truth, focus and respect. Results include; increased employee retention and loyalty; easier communication; a safer, more productive workplace and increased productivity and revenues.

Smart Strengths for Women in the New Workplace
Cheryl Liew-Chng
Founder & Director, LifeWorkz
Cheryl Liew is the director and founder of LifeWorkz, a boutique consultancy which partners organisations and individuals through systems and people development across Asia-Pacific to better staff engagement for talent attraction, retention and performance. Liew has more than 17 years of experience in staff and line functions, holding senior positions in local and multinational corporations. She is a certified career coach, work-life consultant, a practitioner of MBTIR and Strong Interest and a facilitator for A Different Kind of SmartTM. Her special interests are in the areas of flexibility in the workplace, managing in a multigenerational organisation and women and the workplace. In her HR Summit exclusive presentation, Smart Strengths for Women in the New Workplace, she will share more than 10 years of research relating to strengths that enable women to develop successful, meaningful and balance in work and life. Regardless where you and your people are in life and career attend this session and discover how to develop a niche for yours.

Magic of Conflict - The Psychology of Conflict Management
Dr Edward Chan, Malaysia
Principal Consultant Psychologist, Malaysian Psychology Centre
Dr Edward Chan is the principal consultant psychologist at the Malaysian Psychology Centre (MPC). Regarded as one of Asia's leading authorities on workplace conflict, for the past 11 years he has provided training, coaching, facilitation, mediation, counselling and psychotherapy to thousands of corporate personnel and their families throughout Malaysia. In this HR summit exclusive presentation, Magic of Conflict - The Psychology of Conflict Management, Dr Chan will show all participants the vital skills needed to transform themselves into highly effective conflict managers. Based on latest research in organisational conflict management practices, Dr Chan will also explain why conflict in the workplace is inevitable, the numerous associated costs and why HR must be prepared to deal with it.

Managing Performance
Judy Newgreen, Australia
International Speaker
Judy Newgreen is a highly experienced trainer who has worked extensively across the corporate, government & education sectors in Australia, and in the corporate and legal sectors in Hong Kong and Singapore. Newgreen's expert knowledge of how people effectively communicate and interact underpins her ability to specifically structure and deliver training across all areas of people management to improve work performance. In this exclusive HR Summit presentation, Managing Performance, she will discuss how HR and industry should be measuring the value people bring to the business whilst demonstrating how to implement and effectively maintain systems and procedures for managing performance. She will also share the inside experiences of numerous organisations to demonstrate how to effectively link team and individual performance to the goals of the organisation.

In Pursuit of Excellence
Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your Team
Nikhil Desai International Speaker, Motivator and Trainer

Nikhil Desai is passionate about enabling people to excel in their personal and professional lives.

A powerful presenter with an energetic speaking style, Nikhil inspires and motivates his participants to produce lasting change. More than a quarter million people have benefited from his presentations in 45 cities of the world in the last 18 years.

Nikhil is the only speaker & trainer in the world who has the combined strengths of an MBA from U.S.A, business acumen through his own business enterprises, a qualified corporate yoga practioner and eighteen years of experience in speaking and conducting training programs. This wealth of experience enables him to share rich ideas and experiences with the audiences during his sessions which are very interesting, interactive and impactful.

In his power packed session In Pursuit Of Excellence Nikhil will enable the participants & their organisations to become winners in today’s competitive environment by developing the large resource of untapped human potential. All attendees will explore the V.E.S.T of excellence in their professional lives by understanding four important and fundamental factors:-

Vision - Understanding the Power & Strength of Vision.
Enthusiasm – Inspiring Positive Workplace Attitudes.
Stress Management – Managing Stress for Maximum Performance.
Trust – Developing Trust in Yourself & Your Team Members

Complete Quality Processes
How to Inspire all of Your Employees Towards Continual Organisational Improvement
Pat Townsend, USA
International Speaker
Pat Townsend has long been a leading practitioner and theorist in the Quality and Leadership Revolutions. He first led the definition, implementation and maintenance of a Complete Quality Process in the 1980s when he also wrote his first book (Commit to Quality). Then followed a dozen years giving keynote presentations and conducting workshops throughout the United States and in Turkey, Brazil, India, Belarus, Sweden, Canada and Finland. In the year 2000, Townsend again accepted the challenge of leading the definition, implementation and maintenance of a quality and leadership effort at a 2,000 employee insurance company based in Texas. The result was an unqualified success: a Complete Quality Process which insured that the organisation's quality effort reached every aspect of the company and benefited fully from the knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm of every person on the payroll. In this exclusive HR Summit presentation, Townsend will share his expertise to demonstrate how you and your organisation can become a catalyst for a quality process that can actively involve every one of your employees and all appropriate quality tools in the continual improvement of every aspect of your operations.

Managing Diversity and Inclusion Creating Harmonious Conditions within an International/Global Institution
Niki Kesoglou
Director and Regional Head of Diversity & Inclusion Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse
Niki Kesoglou joined Credit Suisse in February 2007 after a successful 12-year career with Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia where she was the head of Diversity. Throughout her career her success championing D&I initiatives in the workplace and her passion for equality and fairness have extended to the broader community where she has been involved in forums with the United Nations, governments and not for profit organisations. In recognition of her tireless efforts and commitment to her chosen field, she was named the Best Diversity Leader by the Australian Government Agency EOWA in 2006. In this exclusive HR Summit presentation, she will discuss how driving multiple significant D&I initiatives can make a difference for employees in their work environment, whilst impacting on your brand and reputation. She will also talk about the external and internal forces of globalisation that will continue to challenge our ability to manage such a culturally diverse workforce.

Workforce Enhancement - The Psychology of Cultivating a Thriving Work Culture
Arthur F Carmazzi
International Speaker
Deemed number 10 of the Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus by Gurus International, Arthur F Carmazzi has 21 years experience specialising in psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation.

He is a renowned motivational leadership keynote speaker and trainer in the Asian region. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, he will demonstrate how HR and business leaders can create an enhanced working environment using five key pillars to reinforce: strong communication, competence, creativity and passion that will lead to an overall improvement in quality of life for employees - both in and out of the workplace.

Leadership Without Borders
Ed Cohen, India
Senior VP, Satyam Computer Services
Ed Cohen is a strategic leader with more than a quarter century of experience in leadership development and organisational learning. He is the author of Leadership Without Borders: Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders and is the senior vice president for Satyam Computer Services, Satyam School of Leadership. Cohen is also a renowned international speaker and in his presentation, Leadership without Borders, he will generously share the practical insights and internal strategies employed by more than 200 global leaders across 60 different countries.

This HR Summit exclusive presentation offers attendees a rare and informative look behind the scenes of how senior leaders and top global corporations operate at the highest level sharing the rationale, reasoning and results of usually confidential business plans and leadership strategies.

Building an Environment Where Employees Can “Grow and Win” – HR's People Promise
Michael Vavakis, Australia
VP Asia Pacific/ Japan HR, Hewlett-Packard Australia
Michael Vavakis is vice president of human resources for Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). He is responsible for managing the HR and development needs of 53,000 employees throughout the entire APJ a multi-faceted group representing a diverse cross section of cultures. In this exclusive inside case-study, he will share how the HR team at Hewlett-Packard (HP) is working hard to continually strengthen leadership and employee development programmes to ensure employees have the opportunity to grow and win with the organisation. Highlighting how the various HR teams - diversity, benefits, staffing, L&D, people development, portal - are working together to improve HP's efforts at retaining employees and developing junior employees into senior executives. His presentation will also include a number of internal examples and case-studies, including the challenges and successes in bringing their special ‘People Promise' to life at expanding HP sites in developing countries.

Mediation in the Workplace
Loong Seng Onn, Singapore
Executive Director, Singapore Mediation Center
Loong Seng Onn is the executive director of the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and holds a concurrent appointment as a director of the Singapore Academy of Law. Seng Onn has mediated and resolved a great diversity of disputes and is an Accredited Mediator of SMC and the Centre for Dispute Resolution in the United Kingdom. Join him for his presentation where he explains why workplace conflicts are inevitable, the costs of such disputes and how you can explore the effective use of mediation and related techniques to better manage disputes in the workplace.

FedEx Management & Leadership Style
John Allison, Hong Kong
Regional Asia Pacific Head, FedEx
John Allison is the vice president of human resources, Asia Pacific Division, in FedEx Asia. Allison heads a team of over 100 human resources professionals and is responsible for providing a wide range of services and support to the APAC organisation.

These include: compensation and benefits, safety, frontline skills training, management development, HR policy development & communication, HR information systems, employee attitude surveys, selection testing and strategic HR planning. In this inside case-study, FedEx Management & Leadership Style, Allison will share behind the scenes management initiatives and leadership strategies from within FedEx Asia, one of the region's leading employers.

Use Your Senses - Employee Engagement & Retention Through Music and Smell!
Simon Faure-Field, Singapore
As seen on BBC World, CNBC and Channel News Asia, Simon Faure-Field, is the founder and CEO of Equal Strategy - a consultancy that advises organisations how to achieve consistency in ‘brand atmospherics' through the strategic use of music and fragrances. In this HR Summit exclusive, Faure-Field will show how employees can be stimulated or suppressed through the use of mood settings like music and fragrance. He will share how employers can improve productivity, defuse difficult atmospheres, boost morale and improve upon attraction and attrition rates - all through the use of music and smell.

Developing a Strategic Human Capital Team - From Personnel to HR to Human Capital Management and ROI
Christopher Mills, Singapore
Managing Director, Core Measures Pte Ltd

Christopher Mills, a British national, has worked in Asia for over 25 years and is at the cutting edge of research and design in measuring and managing performance. He has published three books and numerous articles on human resources and worked with over one hundred organisations in 14 countries. In this HR Summit presentation, Mills will share his expert views on what it takes for HR professionals to earn a seat in the ‘C' suite and how HR must continue to reinvent itself to stay valid. He will demonstrate how it remains critical that the HR department gets strategic during these times of global organisational and industrial change.

Sharing inside tips and strategies as to precisely how HR can build its own internal competencies to educate itself and deal with organisational concerns - whilst finding ways to offer creative and innovative solutions to organisation wide issues and challenges.

Changing Paradigms and the Implications on Future of Human Resource Management
Sanjay Muthal, India
President - HR, Nicholas Piramal India Ltd
Sanjay Muthal is currently the President Global - human resource with Nicholas Piramal, a leading India-based pharmaceutical company. Muthal brings over 28 years of experience from both India and the international scene to the HR Summit 2008. Widely recognised as one of the region's true ‘pioneers of HR', he is the recipient of the prestigious “India's Greatest HR Professional Award” in 2006 along with the “HR Achiever's Award” in the same year. In this exclusive HR Summit presentation, Muthal will outline Asia's growing stature globally - whilst detailing the numerous HR & talent development changes that need to occur to facilitate future success. Covering the full gamut of issues including the future workforce and its culture, managing increasingly diverse workplaces, the Gen-Y workforce and how organisational HR and talent management will become the key differentiators in achieving organisational success.

Catalytic Coaching - A Performance Management System that Works!
Garold L Markle, USA
International Speaker
Gary L Markle is a speaker, author, executive coach and consultant based in Georgia in the USA. He is the founder and president of Energage, which he describes as ‘dedicated to energising and engaging the human spirit at work.' Prior to this, Markle served for more than 17 years in the human resource function and has worked for Exxon, Shell, and two other globally prominent organisations. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, he will explain why he passionately believes that traditional performance evaluations don't work whilst sharing the fundamentals and take home strategies of Catalytic Coaching - a new performance management system and approach that is likely to turn traditional thinking on its head.

A Changing Workforce, a Smarter Workplace
Yeo Miu Ean
Director, Employer Alliance

Yeo Miu Ean is the Director of Employer Alliance which is a network of corporations committed to create an enabling work environment that enhances work-life integration. She has over 20 years of experience in the IT Industry, including working at IBM and HP in various areas such as marketing, sales & regional operations. Most recently she was the General Manager of a local IT service company with a staff of over 400. In that time, she successfully implemented work-life harmony programmes in her company and the results were featured in a TV documentary on work-life. She also implemented effective HR policies and programs that enabled individuals to return to the workforce and also retain talents through creative flexible schemes.

In her HR Summit exclusive presentation , A Changing Workforce, a Smarter Workplace ,  Ean will provide an insight to the changing demographic trends in Singapore which signal new expectations by a multi-generational workforce that puts pressure on workplaces to transform themselves into “smart” organisations in order to retain talent and maximise productivity. This session will benefit business leaders and HR practitioners who want to develop an effective human capital strategy that will increase employee engagement, improve bottom-line as well as attract & retain the best talents.

Make Training a Dynamic & Exhilarating Learning Experience
Ian Newgreen, Australia
International Speaker
Ian Newgreen is a specialist coach and trainer who loves to challenge the way people work! Join Ian for this highly innovative programme that's been specifically designed to enable you to Make Training a Dynamic & Exhilarating Learning Experience.

In this HR Summit exclusive, he will show you how to provide employee training through experiential learning in a way that is totally engaging and balances participants' needs with those of the organisation. He will explain and demonstrate just how experiential training methods can reinforce employees' long-term retention of learning and information taught; generating and promoting better workplace skills application.

Lift Off! - Transitioning Outstanding Individuals into Global Leaders
Ed Cohen, India
Senior VP, Satyam Computer Services
Join Ed Cohen, a strategic leader with more than a quarter century of experience in leadership development and organisational learning as he shares how HR and training professionals can assist outstanding individuals to develop into successful leaders.

In this exclusive session, Cohen will share strategies and case studies he has developed for the Satyam School of Leadership that will actively assist you to guide leadership transitions more successfully. Sharing the four stages: Fueling, Ignite, Lift Off and Orbit, Cohen will share insights for all stages of the process and will include how you can play an active role in the development of truly great global leaders.

Playing for a Change - Integrating Meaningful Games and Simulations to Catalyse Breakthrough Results in Trainings and Meetings
Jim Clark
Founder - innoGreat
Join international games and simulations designer, Jim Clark, on an exploration of how to engage participants through the use of appropriate interactive activities in critical meetings and change initiatives. In the multi-cultural and multi-generational workplace, games and simulations can be used in the strategic planning, leadership development or other change processes to enhance innovation, create enthusiasm, and test new ideas in a safe environment. You will be putting what is discussed into practice by designing and delivering your own, unique game in the session.

Learning & Development: A Business Imperative in the Knowledge Economy
Tho Lye Sam
Human Resources Director
IBM Singapore
Lye Sam started her career with IBM 16 years ago serving India Offshore and Singapore operations. Subsequently she held various ASEAN/South Asia Human Resources functional roles including diversity, sales plan, compensation and benefits. Prior to this current appointment, Tho was the Asia Pacific Human Resources Partner for Public Sector, Finance & Operations and ibm.com during which she focused in talent management, leadership development and organsational climate. In her HR Summit exclusive presentation she will generously demonstrate how, with the undeniable emergence of the knowledge economy, there needs to be an increasing focus on learning and development as a way to improve business performance, increase competitiveness, and retain talent in the marketplace. The shift from industrial to today's knowledge-based economy requires fundamental rethinking in terms of human resource management as increasingly it is the people that 'sells', not the product. What was once a tool called 'training' for increasing workers' skills and productivity in the industrial era has evolved into 'Learning and Development' for enabling employees' performance today as a vital component for any sustainable business model. This belief has been deeply rooted in IBM for nearly 90 years - as it was in 1924 when their founding father adopted their "THINK" philosophy, which still holds up today with their values of "Innovation that matters". Tho will also generously share how IBM uses learning and development as a holistic machinery of skills enablement and personal-leadership/organisational development to build a workforce that is capable and innovative in responding to future challenges. Demonstrating how IBM utilise their response to this call through three integrated approaches:

  • Building a culture of self-directed learning
  • Enabling learning to take place whenever and wherever it is needed
  • Redesigning the workforce model to be integrative and adaptive globally

Creating Superior Service Culture throughout Your Organisation
Ron Kaufman, Singapore,
CEO, Up Your Service College
Ron Kaufman is the world's leading educator for upgrading customer service and uplifting service culture. Kaufman is author of the best-selling ‘UP Your Service!' books and the founder of UP Your Service! College. Join Kaufman as he presents this interactive session of best practices and strategies for how you can build a superior service culture. Session highlights include best-practices and case-studies from leading organisations all over the world including:

Lehman Brothers (London):
Building Alignment - Breaking down the silos

Wipro (India):
Creating Transformation - From task focus to customer focus

Xerox (Emirates):
Improving Customer Experience - Dominating the market

American Club (Singapore):
People Development - Staying in the lead

Nokia (Worldwide):
Strategy for Service - Building service relationships

A Life of Learning! - An Organisation's Responsibility in a Changing World
Debbie Nicol, Dubai
International Speaker
Join international training specialist Debbie Nicol as she equips you with essential skills required to evaluate and update your organisation's talent base and skill sets in an ever changing business environment. Discover how well your people are able to cope with changing needs and learn new strategies that will help your organisation and people to adapt.

Identify, Develop & Grow Your High Fliers
Ritchie Bent, Regional HR
Group Head of Human Resources, Jardines Matheson
Ritchie Bent is the group head of human resources for Jardine Matheson Limited, a company headquartered in Hong Kong with over 240,000 people in 36 countries. He oversees all aspects of HR for the holding company via four divisions: Organisation Design, Executive Development, Performance and Planning, and HR Services. In his Singapore exclusive presentation, Bent will look at planning from a different angle - considering the case of 61 senior high-fliers in Asia who were destined for bigger things, but for one reason or other fell into the ‘pit', ending up with diminished careers. You will leave his session armed with 24 critical questions. These questions will provide you with a practical framework that can be used both as a coaching tool and early warning system for identifying when managerial talent is heading for a costly fall.

Demonstrating the Value of Training with a Compelling Chain of Evidence
James Kirkpatrick, USA
VP, Global Training & Consulting, SMR, USA
Many are familiar with Don Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation model - reaction, learning, behavior, and results - but few are able to effectively implement it. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation Dr Jim Kirkpatrick, Don's eldest son, will present exciting concepts and techniques that address one of the major purposes of four level training evaluation - to demonstrate the value of learning to the business. The cornerstone of Jim's interactive talk is the business partnership model and why learning functions need to do a better job of demonstrating their value.

Workplace Coherence -Coherence Coaching to Improve Employee Morale, Well-being & Productivity
Steve Morris, Singapore
Founder Steve Morris is an internationally recognised leader in the field of personal and professional development and growth. He has more than 25 years experience as an organisational effectiveness and leadership coach and has held senior executive positions in global consulting companies. In this HR Summit presentation Morris will share the many benefits of and strategies to achieve ‘coherence' for all employees. He will detail an integrated model of personal and collective coherence, explain ways in which HR can facilitate coherence strategies in addition to how the impact of incoherence can be measured on job performance and worklife satisfaction.

Cultivating Successful Project Teams
Howard Vaughan
Regional Director & Instructor, ESI International
Howard Vaughan has more than 20 years of project management experience across a broad set of industries. He has gained extensive experience as a project management consultant to major multinationals and government agencies at all organizational levels in Asia and Europe , and is a trusted advisor to numerous organizations on enterprise-wide, project management frameworks. In this HR Summit exclusive presentation, Vaughan will show how the ability of an organization to successfully execute projects is fundamentally tied to the quality of leadership, management, cohesiveness and expertise of its project teams.  His presentation will review the extent of projects failing through lack of attention to project management fundamentals and will prescribe a structured approach for overcoming these challenges through the building of high-performing teams across the organisation.  He will also identify five vital steps that have generated dramatic, proven results in organisations seeking to increase the capability of project teams to perform.  >From an initial analysis of the project environment, a tailored roadmap is created and implemented that incorporates a powerful mix of knowledge building, skills development and concentrated, application-focused interventions, in project planning and execution.  A variety of multi-level assessments are conducted in parallel ensuring appropriate focus is devoted to both organisational and individual needs. His presentation also concludes with a summary of common barriers to creating a high-performing project community, and identifies the six critical success factors that every organisation must have to ensure project teams can succeed .

Differentiating the Best from the List: Identifying & Developing Future Leaders'
Darren Jaffrey
SVP, International Operations
Vurv Technology Australia Pty Ltd
Darren Jaffrey is SVP of International Operations. Jaffrey and is responsible for all Vurv operations throughout EMEA and Asia Pacific. His extensive experience in the software industry began at technology and consulting giant Electronic Data Systems. His role as a consultant included assignments throughout Europe, Japan and the United States. Jaffrey's subsequent roles in senior management positions at Microstrategy culminated with a 3 year tenure as vice president sales EMEA.

In his HR Summit exclusive presentation, Differentiating the Best from the List: Identifying & Developing Future Leaders' Jaffrey will discuss the war for talent and the driving force behind it.

Leading Transformational Learning: Discovering the Human Source
Professor Debashis Chatterjee

Dean, Leadership Center
S P Jain Center of Management

Professor Debashis Chatterjee has taught leadership at Harvard University and at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), Lucknow and Calcutta for more than a decade. He has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship twice for Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral work at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. His published books include Leading Consciously (Foreword by Peter M. Senge) and Break Free (Penguin) that have been translated in several international languages. His latest book is titled Leadership Sutras published by Elsevier.

He has trained more than ten thousand managers globally in Fortune 100 Corporations and has served as leadership coach to CEOs. His clients include Motorola, Ford Motor Company, British Petroleum, 3M, Infosys Technologies, Monash University , AT&T and Tata Steel. A pioneer in the field of Asian models in leadership, Dr. Chatterjee is currently the Dean of the Leadership Centre at SPJCM, Singapore .

In his exclusive HR Summit presentation Professor Chatterji share how transformation is a process of converting people hearts and minds. Change of heart in a human being is possible only when there is a change in the internal dialogue of the person. Transformational learners do not compel people to change: they merely induce the change process by changing the internal dialogue of the person.

How can you induce and lead change in your organization? And how do you foster a truly creative spirit at work? How do you craft an agile, learning organisation?

Here are
- Transformational learning and how it shapes identity
- Transformational Learning in shaping mindsets
- 3 C's of transformation Learning: Concentration, Contribution and Connection

This engaging session will combine emerging management principles of the 21 st century with some of the most ancient spiritual disciplines.

“Chatterjee presents and explains diverse threads of ancient wisdom teachings, relating these insights to the challenges of leading contemporary organisations. He does so with remarkable clarity, simplicity and persuasiveness.”

Dr. Peter M. Senge
Management Guru, MIT
Author of Fifth Discipline

How to be a People Magnet, Re-Engineering Workforce Attitudes for a More Effective Workplace Environment
Christian Chua, Singapore
Christian Chua was an entrepreneur at 23 and applied all the business and social skills he had to make himself a quick success. Financially free by 36, Chua now spends his time sharing the secrets of his success in innovative workshops and seminars. In this HR Summit presentation, he will demonstrate how the right people skills can positively influence employees and assist in workplace morale and productivity.

He will share how by becoming a ‘people magnet' HR and management can further improve ‘buy-in' for change strategies, raise performance and attract the very best talent available.

Summit Leaders: Keeping Your Best People and Making the Most of the Rest
David Lim, Singapore
CEO, Everest Motivation Team
Join renowned Everest expedition leader, resilience coach, and best-selling author David Lim as he shares not just the fundamentals of keeping your best people and growing teams - but also recent trends and tools available to you. In his presentation, Lim will share his thought-provoking resiliency-based model for success, which offers a major shift from conventional thinking. Centred on skills of self-leadership, as well as managing external factors that create a thriving work community, the techniques are a valuable tool that can be applied in almost any organisation to improve both teams and leaders.

Creating a Leadership Culture
Andrew Bryant, Singapore
Director, Self Leadership
Andrew Bryant is the director of Self Leadership International and is an experienced executive coach and leadership trainer. English by birth, Australian by choice and Singaporean by residence, Bryant has been studying and teaching human performance for over 20 years. In his enlightening HR Summit presentation Creating a Leadership Culture - you will learn how to model your own corporate culture and to create a culture that promotes leadership at all levels of your organisation. Using recent examples from his work with companies such as Dell, Sentosa and AMP, Bryant will show you how to make a powerful difference.

Enjoyment Performance for Highly Effective Teams
+ FREE report for all attending
David Simpson, Director - Training,
Team Building Asia

David Simpson is the creative spark of Team Building Asia. He arrived in Hong Kong from Londonderry , Northern Ireland in 1997 and his charisma has since touched the non-profit & commercial sectors along with private consultancy and weekly columns of broadsheet media. His work began with R.E.A.C.H. Across in Northern Ireland , integrating communities from politically divided backgrounds, which provided a great insight towards the advantages of team building. Since that time Simpson has moved into the corporate arena bringing with him his experience in team building, leadership and change management by moving people and corporations into a more productive place. Simpson challenges participants to reach their highest potentials through experiential, interactive and fun workshops with a strong and meaningful business outcome. He has provided corporate training and Team Building packages for: ABN AMRO, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, FedEx Express, Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley, Shangri-La Group and The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

In his HR Summit exclusive presentation Simpson will demonstrate the solution to unlocking whether someone will perform in a position and enjoy it. He will share insights from Team Building Asia's approach on delivering results with a high degree of predictive accuracy.  Lively examples, case studies and keen insights will reveal to you the resources to begin using these tools with your own employees and teams.  Following the workshop all delegates will receive a free report on their own work related Enjoyment Performance.

The Future of Reward
Bryan Lockyer
Head of Sales and Marketing - Asia Pacific, Thomson Online Benefits
Bryan has spent most of his life in Asia having grown up in Hong Kong .  After completing his tertiary studies in the USA he began his career in IT with the New Zealand Government and designed and project managed a number of income assessment and salary sacrifice calculators. While Bryan 's academic background is in science his passion is applying technology to solve business problems especially in the HRM space.  After a solid foundation in technology Bryan moved into the HR space via the recruitment channel where he became a passionate believer that Intelligent Reward is key to maximising productivity in employees.

After establishing himself as a leader in the recruitment space Bryan again found himself back involved in technology, however this time he was able to utilise his sales and HR skills to run sales and marketing for the innovative HRM company PayGlobal. Bryan joined Thomsons Online Benefits in January 2008 to lead business development and sales growth in Asia Pacific - the fastest growing region for employee benefit solutions and has quickly become a key member of the team.

In his HR Summit presentation on The Future of Reward, Bryan will share his knowledge and insights including:

  • Influences that Shapes Reward
  • Internal Choices affecting Reward
  • Measuring the Success of Reward
  • Real Life Examples
  • The Solution – Intelligent Reward™

How to make employees HAPPIER!!! Answer - Reimburse their travel expenses faster!!
Peter Gordon, Vice President, Corporate Payment Solutions
Asia Pacific Region, MasterCard Worldwide Singapore
Peter Gordon joined MasterCard International in May 2000, after 28 years in the Australian Banking Industry. Based in Singapore since January 2001, he heads the corporate payment solutions team in Asia Pacific. Gordon is a highly regarded industry veteran having spent over 29 years in the payments industry alone. Specializing in commercial payments since 1992, he has a wealth of knowledge in the G2B and B2B Corporate & Purchasing Card programs.

In his HR Summit presentation, How to make employees HAPPIER!!! Answer - Reimburse their travel expenses faster!, Gordon will provide all attendees with a better understanding of how to manage corporate travel expenses more effectively, improving employee satisfaction and reducing costs. Attend this fun, interactive session and learn how today's best corporations have adopted this change.

Ready to work! - Pre-employment Screening Within an Integrated Talent Acquisition Strategy
Wayne Tollemache, Executive Vice President (Regional Managing Director) - APAC
First Advantage Corporation
Wayne Tollemache joined First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FADV) in February 2007. He is responsible for all operations of First Advantage's Employer Services segment in the Asia Pacific region. In a career spanning 22 years, Wayne, a management graduate from University of Waikato , New Zealand , has worked in various capacities in Business Development, Operations and Quality Management. Many of his initiatives have resulted in outstanding business outcomes including increased productivity, profits, sales, awards and accolades from a global perspective.

In his HR Summit presentation Tollemache will share how globally, best-in-class employers increasingly have to grapple with managing multiple sources of data and solutions, trying to reconcile the disjointed elements in the recruitment-hiring-retention process. As they tackle the challenges of finding, hiring and retaining the right employees in a timely and cost efficient manner, employers and HR are turning to integrated employment solutions. To many an HR professional the solution to reducing the time, cost and risk associated with candidate recruiting, applicant tracking, background screening and skills testing can now be found with Talent Acquisition Solutions. Attend this session and learn more about integrated, single source Talent Acquisition Solutions – including Applicant Tracking Systems, Automated Skills & Behavioral Assessments and Background Screening.

New Approaches to Global Payroll Outsourcing
Christopher von Mitschke-Collande, Vice President – Business Development in Asia, Patersons Asia Pte Ltd
Christopher von Mitschke-Collande joined Patersons as Vice President - Business Development Asia for Patersons in January 2007. He is responsible for developing and managing the Asia-Pacific sales channels, regional marketing, regional vendor management, regional account management, as well as the launching of business development activities in Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining Patersons , he was Senior Manager, Business Development at ITVEST, which provide foreign software companies with business development services to promote their products in Asia .

In his HR Summit presentation, New Approaches to Global Payroll Outsourcing, von Mitschke-Collande, will discuss the positives and potential negatives in managing payroll at a global or regional level - as opposed to on a country by country basis. Further considering issues such as SOX compliance and data management along with the implications for HRIS & Payroll technology and shared services/outsourcing.

Aligned at the Top: Views of Business and HR Executives on People Challenges
Lisa Barry, Partner
Deloitte Asia Pacific Human Capital Practice
Lisa Barry is a partner in Deloitte's Asia Pacific Human Capital practice, based in Melbourne . She has extensive experience in complex, large scale business change projects and has led many multi site multi country transformation programs with local and international organizations. Lisa is responsible for Deloitte's Human Capital practice in Australia , as well as leadership of Deloitte's Talent Management services in Asia Pacific.

This HR Summit exclusive presentation covers the views of top business and HR executives on today's most significant people challenges and what they're doing about it. It is based on a global survey on people and business challenges conducted by Deloitte and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Ms Barry will cover a number of key topics including

- People challenges that keep executives awake at night
Leadership development and pipeline
Talent management
High-performance culture
T raining and development
- Closing the gap between HR and strategy

Are Your Employee Benefits Working for You?
Dr Leow Yung Khee
Executive Vice President, Great Eastern Life

As EVP and Head of Group Insurance and General Insurance, Dr Leow is responsible for the performance of the corporate life and health insurance business of Great Eastern Life, as well as the General (Non-life) insurance business of the Overseas Assurance Corporation, a wholly-own subsidiary of Great Eastern Life.

This presentation will cover the latest trends and developments in managing flexible benefits, alternative approaches in providing medical benefits and retirement savings to the “new-age” employees while keeping cost in sight. It will also address why portability is proving such a difficult risk to manage and share strategies on how HR and the various stakeholders' might work better towards achieving success.

Innovation in Recruitment Strategies
Jonas Ang, Singapore
Senior HR Director - Asia Pacific
Kelly Services

As Senior HR Director of Kelly Services, Jonas Ang is responsible for the overall management of human resources, employee, employer and labour relations, compensation and benefits as well as talent development and training in the Asia Pacific region. A featured speaker throughout the region on human resource management issues, he has a passion in the areas of coaching, talent management and development. In this special panel segment, Jonas will lead a discussion on innovative recruiting strategies among today's multi-generational workforce touching on how practitioners engage Gen X, Gen Y and mature employees. Discussion spotlights include engaging in new technological innovations to attract talent such as virtual job fairs and a virtual world as well as through strategic organisational partnerships.

A Total Approach to Managing Talent
Derek Estrop
Principal Consultant, Right Management Singapore
As Principal Consultant with Right Management Singapore, Derek provides consulting in many areas including Performance Management, Leadership Development, Change Management and Talent Selection. He also delivers flagship programs by FranklinCovey Company and Novations Group Inc. These include programs on leadership and organisational effectiveness, communications, coaching as well as talent development.

In his HR Summit exclusive presentation Estrop will demonstrate why retaining high-value employees is the top priority for 2008.  He will share how a survey of senior organisational leaders by Right Management shows that executives are becoming more concerned about critical roles that people play in their business, in addition to operating results.  According to the survey, leaders will focus their talent management efforts in 2008 on the retention of high-potential employees, the development of future leaders and increasing employee engagement and alignment.  Derek will share the findings of this survey as well as provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the stages of managing talent in an organisation and the particular challenges of each stage.

4 Keys to Customer Loyalty
Andrew J. Calvert- Regional Director, AchieveGlobal
Andrew Calvert is the Regional Director of AchieveGlobal Singapore and has over 15 years of customer service, leadership, sales and training experience spanning Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S. In this exclusive presentation at the HR Summit, Andrew will speak about how customer service is the responsibility of the entire organisation and what the key touch points are. He will also explore ways to generate customer experience and the risks organisations run by leaving it all to chance

Hiring and Holding the World’s Best Employees.
Mr. Sharad Verma,
Vice President

Mr. Verma is the Vice President of Human Resources for Monster.com in India, Middle East and South East Asia. He has over 15 years of experience in strategic Human Capital Management across a number of industries including Finance, IT, and most recently online recruitment. Within Monster.com Verma is responsible for the overall HR practice and is one of the key innovators ensuring Monster.com provides the right solution for its customers. Previous to Monster, Verma was the Director of Human Resources for the Bank of New York Mellon and the Director of Credo Consultancy. Verma has a Post Graduate degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations XLRI, Jamshedpur specializing in Human Resources.

In this HR Summit presentation, Verma will discuss the concept of "Keepers". They are your best employees. They have the best ideas, execute business plans flawlessly, create a strong culture, and provide the highest value to your company. Keepers are by definition a rare breed-difficult to find and even harder to hold on to. Monster-the global leader in talent acquisition shares its proven program for recruiting and retaining high performing, talented employees who drive sustainable success. Gain insight to Monster's unparalleled Engagement Cycle program to:

- Build your hiring practices around the unique attributes of your organization
- Attract skilled workers with an employer brand that communicates the values and mission of your company
- Get the best candidates to "buy" your company
- Understand the attitudes, behaviors, and future needs of the most productive employees
- Develop a great workplace to attract the right people and use those people to strengthen the culture, and then use the culture to hold on to them

Future Talent in a Global Context
David Arkless, Senior Vice President – Global Corporate Affairs
Manpower Inc.
Arkless serves as board member of both the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and was named Special Envoy of the End Human Trafficking Now! movement. Arkless was also appointed to the advisory board of UNODC with his main responsibility being a core advisor on the Private Sector Panel of UN.GIFT, the recently launched global initiative to fight Human Trafficking.Prior to joining Manpower, Arkless worked in various international assignments for Hewlett-Packard and subsequently established his own consulting company, Caden Corporation, which delivered both strategic and project implementation programs for corporations like ABB and Rolls-Royce NEI.In his HR Summit exclusive presentation, Future Talent in a Global Context, Arkless will discuss how the world economy is changing faster than ever before and in ways that corporations could not have predicted a few years ago. These rapid changes are being stimulated by a complex interplay of economic, political and demographic factors. In this presentation, David Arkless will show how global changes are affecting country and company policies and strategy. He will show how companies can respond and be more pro-active in the world of work. There will be a particular focus on the current special influence of China and India.